Best Compound Miter Saw | Reviews

Miter saws are becoming handy and integral parts not only in workshops but also in the households these days. People can cut pieces and blocks of wood precisely with this of equipment. Miter saws also make it reasonable for one to create different wood works such as wooden frames for your home doors or windows.

Since there’s no brand of miter saws which is similar to other products available in the market we must be extra cautious when choosing miter saws. In case you wish to purchase any miter saw, just think over it before choosing one.

 Top 10 Best Compound Miter Saw 

As aforementioned, there are numerous miter saws in the market that will offer you amazing service and quality of work. Below are some of the best miter saws ever made. Read through their different features and select one that will satisfy your every need


Dewalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw Review

The DEWALT DW713 Compound Miter Saw is a good buy considering the fact that this miter saw comes with great features which allow one to create precise and quick crosscuts regardless of whether you’re crown molding or cutting baseboards.

Cutting framing, molding, crosscutting and the miter-cutting jobs are easier thanks to the powerful 15 amps motor. It is also capable of delivering a speed of about 5,000 rpm. This saw helps you to do your job within little time.

The DEWALT DW713 is designed to offer increased competence as well as an easy setup. It features adaptable stainless steel detent plates with 11 positive stop. Accurate angles can be achieved easily because of the cam-lock miter handle.

Besides that, the saw also features a very suitable detent override which adds adaptability.

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Dewalt DW715 is a 12 inch compound miter saw which is supported by strong and reliable 15 amp rotors that offer a quick speed of about 4000 rpms. This makes tasks of cross cutting, molding, miter and frame cutting to be extremely easy and fast.

The design is diverse from other DEWALT models. This model has a sturdy design which allows it to deliver a flexible setup having optimum correctness for several applications.

It also has adaptable stainless steel plates which offer 11 positive stop.

In addition, the model has basic an adaptable lock miter handle which convey precise and fast miter angle so as to allow detent override.

The saw has a lengthy fence that support 5-1/4 inch crown nested upright in addition to a 6-1/2 inch base molding that is set upright.


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This is a 12-inch compound miter saw is smooth, well-built, user-friendly and precise. It also stands out among the 12 inches compound miter saws because of its capacity; its back fence designs enable it to crosscut a 2 by 10 pieces of lumber at ninety degrees and a 2 by 8 at forty five degrees in a single pass.

Its vertical capacity is also good. The high sliding fence allows you to use this saw for baseboard up to 6.5 inches and nested crown moldings as high as 6 inches.

The DEWALT DW716 is adjustable thus enabling one to see the cutting paths better.

The 12-inch blades on the DEWALT DW716 are designed for making perfect cuts. No person wants a piece of trim having angles that are off. The blades are belt driven thus making its startup to be much smoother with little noise or vibration.

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DEWALT DWS782 miter saw is a 12-inches double bevel sliding miter saw. This tool makes rapid work of crosscutting wood. The suitable blades also make it s perfect saw to be used in cutting plastic and certain kinds of aluminum material.

The DEWALT DWS782 can be adjusted so as to cut horizontal and vertical angles simultaneously which allows users to make the compound cuts within a single process.

Its sliding device greatly increases the cutting width as compared to non-sliding miter saws.

The DEWALT DWS782 miter saw is also a double bevel model. As a result, it can tilt to the left or right thus making it easy to cut the compound angles like those for crown molding and tapered boxes. I

t also makes it easy to cut throughout a large piece of crown molding. This miter saw excels at cutting all the angles efficiently and effortlessly.

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Dewalt DWS709 Review

Most wood workers know about the worth of DEWALT DWS709 miter saw. It’s popular among both beginners and professional users. The accuracy of work as well as the ease of using features makes this product great to use.

Most users love buying this product because they always feel comfortable while using it.

The miter saw is very easy to transfer thanks to its cast aluminum manufacturing. The rubber carrying handles also allow for its safe portability.

The base of this tool is also made in a way that it allows the saw to be mounted on the work bench.The design of this tool is also made ergonomically so as to give precise cuts and also use it with ease. The knobs provide maximum control over this machine while the upfront knob ensures the security of an individual.

The D shape handles also give maximum control while holding the handles.

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HITACHI-C10FCE2-1Sometimes you can just tell that you bought a great product just by your experience. This saw and the accessories which come together with it are pretty. You can assemble the accessories within a few minutes.

Hitachi is well recognized for its great excellence tools and the C10FCE2 is not an exception.

The anti-vibration handle is a great addition to the general designs of this product. The motor packs a lot of power it takes a reasonable time to get used up.

This tool produces a power output of 15 AMP.This saw also delivers standard basic accurate cuts that make it one of the best compound miter saws available in the market today.



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The HITACHI C10FCH2 miter saw provides a variety of smooth, clean cuts with cautious accuracy. Its universal workplace allows for maximum maneuverability while the thumb actuator makes it easy for one to create adjustments.

It is an easily moveable and light tool. The Hitachi C10FCH2 Miter Saw with Lasers offers strong control and exact alignments in an expert grade tool.

The HITACHI C10FCH2 has a powerful motor which enables you to work faster.

The functioning of its motor is also simple and so it does not create sounds which can disturb others. You can therefore do your routine wood works with ease and comfort. This saw is light thus you can easily hold it while performing your wood works.

The carbide tipped blades have polycarbonate protection so as to give you fine cuts of different sizes and shapes.

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A flat cutting, large sized miter saw, the HITACHI C12RSH machine is a completely sized electric saw having a 15 Amp motor and a patented Glide scheme. This feature allows for precise performances, smooth motions and space-saving designs with radical performance.

It also has 2 sliding base extensions that add prospect for cutting additional lengths with ease.

With its axial-glide, the HITACHI C12RSH Miter Saw combines a compact workspace together with high level accuracy. It has a 14-inch horizontal cutting capacity, 6.5 inch vertical cutting capability and 6.5 inches top capacity.

Its original high precision Squarelock fences offer ideal alignments at 90 degrees.It also has a bevel lock lever which is prepared for all metals. It is located upfront together with the range selector so as to allow easy access to the building bevel adjustments.

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Hitachi C12FDH 12-Inch saw with high Laser presentation comes with laser markers that allow for exact cuttings. The big pivoting fence increases the range of cuttings while the micro bevel adjustments allow for fine alteration details.

Having uppermost warranties in the industry, The Hitachi Company makes miter saws that are predictable while providing maximum accuracy with smooth and clean cuts.

The model is made with durable construction materials. The material of this miter saw makes it the best by serving people with its high levels of performance and best features.

The sheath able guard system of HITACHI C12FDH makes the vertical cuts to be easy and precise. If you’re interested in cutting base boards then its rear guard feature will ease your job. This is also a perfect model for crown molding.

The HITACHI C12FDH has a 15 AMP motor that never slips. It only requires proper maintenance for better functioning. This miter saw also allows you to control the speed of the cuttings which gives you very high quality cuts.


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If you’re in to constructions that require cutting by different kinds of cutting tools for instance miter saws then you must have already heard the name Makita. It’s a well-liked, reputable and reliable brand because of the excellence of its products. One of its products is MAKITA LS1040 .

This model of saw miter is power-driven by the LXT Lithium-Ion batteries. MAKITA LS1040 is powerfully made so as to present you with job fulfillment as well as perfect cuts. This miter saw comes with features that actually help in obtaining ideal cuts.

Its 18V LXT battery is capable of spinning the motor in order to create a HP of 2,200 rmp. It is easy cutting with this miter thanks to its lightweight of about 27.5 lb.

The blades on the MAKITA LS1040 are designed for making perfect cuts. No person wants a piece of trim having angles that are off. The blades are belt driven thus making its startup to be much smoother with little noise or vibrationThe MAKITA LS1040 will definitely offer job site flexibility.


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As earlier stated, choosing quality miter saws can be a bit tricky for people given that it’s available in several types, sizes, models and brands with different cut capacities. A type might be suited for a certain type of cut and not suited for other types of cuttings

As a result, there are several of factors which determine what constitutes a reliable miter saw for an individual. If you’re in search of a reliable miter saw in the markets, here are the things to consider before buying:

  • Your present as well as future use

    Miter saws can be used in several applications or woodworking environment. Some miter saws are designed for use in a wide variety of applications while some are suited for one or a few applications. Therefore, if you’re in the markets in search of a great tool, you must consider not only your present wants but also the future needs. Your present cutting wants coupled with future wants shall determine which saw is the best suited for you.

  • The models and brands

    As shown in the above reviews, some models and brands are more reliable. As a result, they offer better accurate cuts than others. You’re one step away from getting a high quality saw in case you buy popular models and brands of this tool. As such, you must take into account the brands and modesl of the miter saw while making purchases.

  • The cutting capacity

    The power of cuts is determined by the blade diameter. Miter saws having larger blades will make higher and deeper cuts and they normally come with a high power than miter saws having smaller blades. They are however very heavy. Therefore, you ought go for the moderate sized blades for flexibility and enhanced cutting.

  • Features

    In recent times, the woodworking and construction industry has witnessed great improvements leading to inclusion of several features in the woodworking tools such as miter saws for the ease of use as well as enhanced functionality. Therefore, when you’re searching for perfect miter sawst, it’s important for you to check the features that are available in the miter saw.


Final Thoughts

You require a miter saw so as to make fast and precise crosscuts. The miter saws can be used on several applications and it’s available in a wide range of types, models and brands. Some types, models and brands are better in durability, functionality and quality than others. When looking for the best miter saws, you should always consider your intended applications, the types, brand, features and models available in the market at that specific time.