Dewalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw Review – Does It Worth?

The Dewalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw stands out because of its marvelous design and exceptional functional capabilities. Its great power and efficiency are part of the many qualities that make it comfortable for many users.

It is absolutely suitable for crown molding, cutting baseboards, and a host of other tasks. I found the machine is exceptionally accurate and user-friendly, and it’s convenient for both tough and light tasks.

Dewalt DW713 Review

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This miter saw is designed with a powerful 5000 rpm motor that provides a great feeling of confidence and reduces work-related fatigue.

Dewalt DW713 Features

I have thoroughly reviewed the Dewalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw features, and performance. To make you understand whether you should go with the product or not, discussed them in details below on this Dewalt DW713 Review.

Cam Miter Lock

Gifted carpenters understand the value of proper miter table positioning as an essential ingredient of impeccable workmanship. However, the accuracy of the positioning can be exceedingly tricky when working with a faulty or substandard saw.

The Dewalt DW 713 Compound Miter Saw comes with a Cam Miter Lock that helps its users to position the miter table in perfect alignment. As such, the worker is able to proceed with the work without the usual fears misalignment, and inaccurate measurements.

Miter Detent Override

Another great feature that comes with Dewalt DW 713 is the Miter Detent Override. It makes work easier and perfect, particularly, the Miter Detent Override eases the processes of angling and adjustment.

Usually, poor quality work derives from the shortcomings of angling. On this account, the Dewalt Compound Miter saw comes with the solution of precise angles and easier alignment.

Dewalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw Review

5000 RPM Motor

With the power capacity of 15 Amp, the 5000 rpm motor performs with incredible efficiency. The regularity and stability of the motor’s rotations contribute to the quality of speed, which defines part of the functional capabilities of the miter saw.

Moreover, the machine’s designers ensured that the motor works with the assurance of extended power in order to achieve consistency while work is in progress.

Tall Sliding Fences

Crown molding is one of the areas where the Dewalt DW 713 has shown its impressive performance. The saw has tall sliding fences that play a crucial supportive role during crown molding.

The details of the task entail vertical support measured appropriately to guarantee the level of accuracy anticipated in the work plan. The sliding fences are especially useful for interior styling or cabinet construction both of which require utmost attention to details.

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Stainless Steel Detent Plate

Dewalt DW713 Compound Miter Saw ReviewThis miter saw comes with stainless steel detent plate, which has eleven positive stops that help to enhance the accuracy of its work. In many ways the detent plate was intended to enhance the skills and workmanship of the operator towards the production of top-quality work.

Besides, it helps to cushion the operator from the usual losses that result from material wastage, general clumsiness, and imprecision. In addition, the stainless steel quality of the saw protects it from corrosion, easy staining, and maintains it in mint condition for years.

Machined Base Fence

The strength and stability of the compound miter saw can be partly explained by the base fence support that keeps it in place and in shape for optimum performance. Combined with its other aspects of design, the machined base fence provides the saw with the ergonomic qualities that every machine operator desires.

Many Dewalt DW713 reviews have cited sturdiness as one of the clearest aspects that set this saw apart from many others on the market.


  • The machine is remarkably quick and accurate.
  • The Dewalt DW713 is aesthetically enhanced for positive ambiance of the workplace.
  • The miter saw and durable.
  • Its shape offers special ergonomic advantages.
  • It is easily adjustable.


  • It take some time to familiarize although it has an easy-to-follow manual.
  • I think that it weighty, but many find it portable and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q : What is the weight of the compound miter saw?
    A : The compound miter saw only weighs 35 pounds, which makes it convenient for most users.
  • Q : Does the saw come with a built-in handle?
    A : Yes, the compound miter saw was designed with a built-in handle that enhances portability and manipulation
  • Q : Is this saw convenient for big jobs?
    A : Yes, the measurements can be adjusted easily for the saw to manage big jobs

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Final Verdict

The Dewalt DW 713 is a reliable and durable miter saw that works with ease and good great speed. Its unique advancements have suited it to multiple jobs that include crown molding and cutting baseboards.

Moreover, the saw is user-friendly [as you have already read the details on this Dewalt DW713 Review] and easy to manipulate. Its powerful motor enables it to work with increased precision. Compared to many other compound saws, this product is a great product and worthy of all serious attention.

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