DEWALT DW716 Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

It is not for nothing that I refer to the Dewalt DW716 as the thorax of carpentry. This powerful machine cuts through wet and dry lumber with astonishing speed and accuracy. The combined merits of its powerful motor, a 12-inch blade, and a precise miter system are turning many busy workshops into playgrounds.

This machine is capable of making bevel and miter cuts simultaneously. Carpenters who are keen on saving time at the work place should listen.

Dewalt DW716 Review

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Besides, this saw is ideal for a variety of trim jobs because of its ability to make miter cuts that range up to 50 degrees in both directions.

Features Dewalt DW716

I have thoroughly reviewed the Dewalt DW716 Compound Miter Saw features, and performance. To make you understand whether you should go with the product or not, discussed them in details below on this Dewalt DW716 Review.

15 Amp Motor

The Dewalt DW716 was designed with a high-performing motor that guarantees extended power and utmost durability. The 15 Amp Motor steadies the revolution of the blade and allows the operator to perform crown molding and baseboard cutting with remarkable accuracy.

Good carpentry derives partly from the reliability of the motor. The 3600 rpm no-load speed of the motor is sufficient for performing tough cutting tasks with the promise consistency at every stage of the process.

The 12-Inch Blade

I have derived great satisfaction from the combination of the 12″ blade and the strength of the 15 Amp motor. In their view, the two features are the distinguishing advantages that make the Dewalt DW 716 one of the best chop saws on the market.

One advantage of this blade is that it allows the operator to cut base boards that reach the level of 6 1/2 inches while in the vertical position. The machine is ideal for crown molding of up to 5 1/4 inches while nested.

Blade Guard

It is agonizing for carpenters to lose fingers or hands while in the line of duty. The miter saw was designed with an adjustable blade guard that protects the operator from accidental cuts. It is highly unfortunate that many carpenters believe that accidents are only occupational hazards.

Dewalt DW716 Compound Miter Saw Review

In this sense, the designers made a clear statement of safety that has been lacking in many workshops all the time. There is every reason to applaud any technology that lays firm emphasis on safety.

Interlocking Safety Trigger

Still on the matter of safety, the Dewalt DW716 comes with an interlocking safety trigger that enhances the assurance of the operator’s safety. There are cases when saws startup accidentally hence exposing their handlers to great harm. Workshops should never be minefields. The interlocking safety trigger was designed as a reliable safeguard against accidental startups.

Evidently, this machine was specified with optimum safety considerations. Nonetheless, every operator or handler should be cautious not to jeopardize this advantage.

Convenient Carrying Handle

The Dewalt DW 716 bears a very convenient carrying handle that adds to the quality of portability. The handle is shaped in a way that offers ergonomic value, particularly for those who work routinely for long hours. An increasing number of operators agree that the handle makes it easy to lift or move the machine around the work place. The qualities of this handle combines with the lightweight characteristic to make every work easier.

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Pre-set Blade Stops

Dewalt DW715 Miter Saw ReviewNo carpenter wishes to stay on any task longer than its necessary. Time is a resource that should be spent sparingly in every workshop. The pre-set blade stops are meant to increase the speed of completing tasks without infringing on quality.

This machine comes with the stops for miter and bevel, which are fixed for common angles. The arm and saw-head are designed to lock harmoniously into place for enhanced precision of the cuts. This should explain the popularity of the machine across the fraternity of carpentry.


  • Good for rugged construction.
  • Long-term durability.
  • Easy to maintain through service and repair.
  • Free one year service contract.


  • Lacks the sliding feature, which is necessary for radial cuts.
  • Does not come with the LED cut line indicator, but it can be bought separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

  • Q : Does the Dewalt DW716 come with a warranty?
    A : Yes, the machine has a 3 year limited warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Q : Is the machine compatible with laser system?
    A : Yes, the machine is compatible with DW716 laser system.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, this compound miter saw has played a strong role in the improvement of the quality of carpentry. It is strong, but lightweight and works perfectly on tasks that require flawless precision. Its remarkable safety features make it one of the most harmless tools for experts and learners.

Moreover, the machine is user friendly and comes with a clear assurance of durability. Therefore, it is a miter saw that can be relied upon by carpenters who want to optimize on power, efficiency, and precision in one great tool.

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