Dewalt DWS782 Slide Compound Miter Saw Review

The Dewalt DWS782 is easily one of the most advanced compound miter saws on the planet. From one perspective, it works with flawless efficiency and impressive speed. In another second perspective, this machine blazes the trail for others as an environmentally friendly piece of technological innovation.

Dewalt DW782 Review

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Indeed, this miter saw captures a whole 75 percent of the saw dust it yields. That is why it is roundly remarked as the cleanest of them all. For carpenters who insist on the assurance of performance, the Dewalt DWS782 was designed with a muscular 15 Amp motor that discharges sufficient power to complete some of the toughest jobs in the field of carpentry.

Dewalt DWS782 Features

I have thoroughly reviewed the Dewalt DWS782 Compound Miter Saw features, and performance. To make you understand whether you should go with the product or not, discussed them in details below on this Dewalt DWS782 Review.

 A Robust 15 amp Motor

Every carpenter understands that there can be no work without stable and reliable power. The designers of the Dewalt DWS782 ensured that they power the machine with the high-performing 15 amp motor, which achieves 3800 rpm. With such attributes, the machine is ever ready for any heavy-duty workshop chores that would trouble any random saw with inferior specifications. Previous and current users are full of praise for the muscle power that derives from this motor.

Dust Collection System

The common impression of a wood workshop is that it is a dusty and stuffy space that must stay that way because it is its nature. There is a lot of truth in the impression, but not the whole truth. Here comes a different machine that literary sucks its own exhaust. An entire 75 percent of dust produced in the line of duty is sucked by the special and highly efficient dust collection system. Apart from keeping the working environment clean, this system also shields the lungs of the carpenter from dust-related hazards.

Tall Sliding Fences

The tall sliding fences of the Dewalt DWS782 give it a clear functional advantage over other miter saws in terms of capacity. Carpenters who want to execute crown molding task to the level of 7 1/2 inches nested or base molding of 6 3/4 inches must have this machine on their workshop. The difference between this machine and many of its rivals is that it has higher specifications that allow it to perform some of the toughest and most involving tasks with admirable ease.

Adjustable Miter Detent Plate

To a great extent, the adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate contribute to the efficiency of the miter saw. The ten positive stops make the carpenter’s work easier and faster. This effect comes about because the process only requires the determination of the right point so that the process is automated.

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In this manner, the carpenter is relieved from the manual and laborious process of determining the right measurements by hand and sight. The adjustable plates also enhance precision.

Great Miter Capacity

A good saw should entail the advantage of working at an ample capacity that allows the carpenter to handle varying levels of tasks. The machine miters 60 Degrees towards the right and 50 Degrees to the left. Compared to many other saws on the market, this saw allows the operator greater capacity to engage broadly with the vast requirements in carpentry. Anybody still contemplating on the value of this capacity should probably envision the commercial value of the same.

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A Comfortable but Powerful Handle

Dewalt DW713 Comound miter saw ReviewThe Dewalt DWS782 was designed with a comfortable, but powerful handle that makes lifting and moving easy and greatly convenient. In addition, the handle uniquely shaped to provide the necessary ergonomic advantage, which is necessary for efficiency of the processes and the satisfaction of the operator. As such, the carpenter is able to achieve incredibly higher levels of output each day without experiencing fatigue. In the long-term, the user is likely to attain high returns and incur less negligible health risks.


  •  It is highly portable and easy to manipulate.
  • Works well in small spaces.
  • The machine is aesthetically enhanced.
  • Easily replaceable parts.


  • I have raised concerns over rail bearings quality.
  • I think that the dust collection should be enhanced beyond the 75 % mark.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q : Is the Dewalt DWS782 able to handle heavy-duty tasks?
    A : Yes the machine is among the strongest and best-performing among its peers, and it is suited to light and difficult duties.

Q : How regularly should the Dewalt DWS 782 be serviced ?
A : This machine can remain in perfect form for a long time without requiring repairs, but the owner can manage light maintenance tasks like wiping off dirt.

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The Dewalt DWS782 remains in its own class on matters of efficiency and accuracy. Its superior specifications and user-friendly advantages are qualities that inspire carpenters to go beyond and above the call of daily duty in the pursuit of excellence. Furthermore, this machine is strong and durable. The sturdiness of its parts protects from the destructive effects of the elements and the usual mechanical stresses that lurk in every workshop. Its value is clearly way beyond the sum of its parts. It is worth every cent.

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