Makita LS0815F 8-1/2″ Slide Compound Miter Saw Review

I had not thought much about the Makita LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw until the day my business partner suggested that we replace our old saw with a new tool that would be simple and perfect in performance. We made several inquiries and received a lot of details about different miter saws.

Makita LS0815F review

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However, we decided to buy this miter saw because of its versatile utility value that includes woodworking, baseboard installation, finish carpentry, crown molding installation, and general construction. We were especially impressed by the power of the motor, which could deliver a spinning force of 5,000 rpm. Here are the notable strengths.

Makita LS0815F Features

I have thoroughly reviewed the Makita LS0815F Compound Miter Saw features, and performance. To make you understand whether you should go with the product or not, discussed them in details below on this Makita LS0815F Review.

High-performance 10.5 Amps Motor for Cleaner and Faster Cuts

The accuracy and speed of miter cutting are largely dependent on the power of the motor. The 10.5 amps direct-drive motor supplies the blade with enough power to make perfect cuts in very little time.

Another strong aspect about this motor is that it has a soft start that does not afflict the senses of the user. Several months since we acquired this machine, we continue to enjoy constant power supply, which steadies the blade for perfect cuts.

Electric Blade for Enhanced Convenience

You need to work with a miter saw that lacks an electric brake in order for you to appreciate the value of one. Nobody wants to let a super-sharp electric blade to keep spinning for more than three seconds when it is not in use.

As a safety measure, the blade should be halted quickly whenever the cutting comes to an end. I found this compound miter saw very convenient to work with because of the efficiency of the braking system.

An Effective Ball Bearing System for Greater Accuracy

Makita LS0815F 8-1/2" Slide Compound Miter Saw ReviewThis miter saw was designed with very a very effective ball bearing system that ensures that the cutting of miters and bevels proceed with remarkable accuracy. The engineering techniques that manifests in the functioning of this system is meant to deliver very smooth and dead-on accurate cuts.

Ordinary ball bearing systems may malfunction under intense pressure. However, the rare enhancements of this system make it uniquely exceptional.

Ergonomic Rubberized Handle for Comfortable Handling

I share the opinion of many users of this miter concerning the ergonomic features of its handle. The rubberized handle is comfortable in the palms and protects you from the effects of the vibrations. I have worked with miter saws that lack this feature and I would not wish to recall the kind of jolting they imparted in my arms and shoulders.

Moreover, the handle gives you a firm grip, which enhances the aspect of control while working.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Makita LS0815F review Anybody who uses a compound miter saw on a regular basis knows that the design and weight of the machine are some of the contributing factors to its efficiency.

The overall construction of this saw features a very compact design that makes it easier to work on room-to-room applications and general woodworking. Its lightweight design is the major contributing factor to the advantage of portability, which every user desires.

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Built-in L.E.D Light promotes Accuracy


Makita LS0815F accAccuracy is usually the bottom line for anybody involved in deck building, flooring installation, and general carpentry. One noticeable advantage of this compound miter saw is the effectiveness of the built-in L.ED light.

This feature helps the carpenter to trace the cutting line with great accuracy as the work progresses. In fact, the same feature hastens the process of work and enhances productivity.


  • Conveniently lightweight for enhanced portability
  • A powerful motor that requires less maintenance.
  • Designed for ergonomic value.
  • The blade delivers accurate and precise cuts.
  • It is strong and durable


  • The sliding mechanism may not be fully efficient.
  • The blade guard often gets caught on the edge of thin working material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What type of power source is required for this tool?
A: Corded-electric

Q. What is the weight of this compound miter saw?
A: It weighs 31.1 pounds.

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Final Verdict

Judging from its design and functional capacity, this compound miter saw is a truly marvelous piece of engineering. It helps you perform a variety of tasks including finishing, flooring installation, deck building, trimming, and general woodworking. It delivers a powerful spinning forces that enables precise cuts. It is highly recommended for anybody who loves top quality results.

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